Matthew Lewis

Matthew Lewis has been the lead singer for Absolute Zero for 3 years.  From the first time I heard him I was a fan. He is a singer AND entertainer.. many musicians can usually do one or the other, Matthew does both, and does it well.  If you haven’t seen him perform, he is a bit of a perfectionist,

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Photography isn’t all about photography.

Photography is in fact about time management. Something we never have enough of.  I enjoyed doing a musician a day, but couldn’t keep up with it on a daily basis.. that’s life for ya…  I am however going to keep adding weekly to this blog to introduce you to local musicians.   So let’s try this again 🙂  


Day 148: Danny Carpenter


Danny Carpenter… guitarist for a cover band called Grindin’ Gears – more northern VA than Hampton Roads, but they do play in our neck of the woods on occasion.  Met this band while shooting Rosie Soul – (really really miss that band….).  Danny hops

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Day 147: Michael Alan Ratliff


Doing this blog it reminds me of just how many musicians I met at the old club Diesel.. Michael was playing with a band called Nitro Fish at the time, I have since seen him do some fill in work, and play with Typecast.  Lately he has been

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Day 146: Tony Bullard


It’s been so long, I don’t even remember where I met Tony, I think it was Neptune Festival.  I am not good at names, but I remember faces, and his trademark hat and black coat made it easier on my memory…   The band he was in was

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Day 145: Austin Ferguson


I met Austin playing with Cody at a club called Diesel.. I wasn’t much into country music at the time, but the two of them had a good chemistry and play off each other well.  I quickly started following the Cody Austin Band, and learned some country music.  I had never been to Eagles Nest before and it was a tightly packed crowd, they have since

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Day 144: Rob Perez


I enjoy fun, funky music… what I enjoy even more, is when the musicians on stage are obviously so happy to be doing what they do… enter Rob Perez.   Rob plays guitar with a cover band called Plastic Eddie in the Virginia Beach area..

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Day 143: Morgan Vance Hauge

143This is what it looks like when people love what they do.. meet bassist Morgan Hauge.  I originally met him when he was

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Day 142: Jason McCallister


He may look all cool, calm and collected here, but on stage he is all out rockin’. Formerly with the band Excess- he is currently playing guitar with White Trash Circus- an 80’s

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Day 141: Geoff Gulbranson


I will be the first to admit, that I don’t always understand some of the musical genres I shoot, but it does keep my job interesting. Like most musicians I meet, it is thru introduction from other musicians or managers & I met Geoff and his band thru their manager Kevin Ramey. They were playing a battle of the bands competition in Chesapeake. Since then, I have

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